Handmade Wooden Music Box

I decided to make my Girlfriend something special for her 21st birthday, a couple of weeks before we had been talking about music boxes and how I’d love to make one, so that’s what I did!I went out and bought some walnut wood for the box part from a local supplier and the mechanism for(…)


Hand-made Cork Shoes

Hi There!Today I want to share with you my step-to-step guide on how to make your very own hand-made cork wedges.If you are looking to challenge yourself, this might just be the project for you! Step 1: Gather Your Equipment What you will need: I recycled all of my equipment and borrowed tools. …By: Isabella_Delaine(…)


Handmade Summer Gnocchi

This recipe really made my summer. Its astonishingly simple and has a wonderful flavor pallet. The handmade gnocchi turn out as smooth as little clouds and build up a foundation for the rucola walnut pesto.In combination with the quick balsamic tomatoes it is a real banger for relaxing summer nights…By: DavidInpetto Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Handmade Electric Guitar

I made this electric guitar at my high school shop and at home with standard machines and hand tools, it was an amazing project and took me a little over a school year to source the materials, buy, plan, and create the entire guitar but I’m very happy with the end result. I bought all(…)


Handmade Card

Learn how to make a customized card for your loved one. It’s fairly easy once you break it down. It will serve as an art piece for many years to come. Getting Ready Determine the size of card you want to make. Here I am using a piece of cardstock A7 – 6 1/2" x(…)


Handmade Masks

Though con season is coming to an end, Halloween is quickly approaching. And with that we’ve still got costumes to make, and sometimes even masks. Many people don’t have the ability to get something 3d printed or have the materials or start up cost to sculpt and cast their own mask. In this tutorial…By: bginoza(…)