How to Write With Your Opposite Hand

Becoming ambidextrous has all kinds of advantages, especially for writing. If you injure your dominant hand, for example, you can easily switch to your other hand when you need to write. Learning how to write with your opposite hand takes a lot of time and practice, but many people do it successfully.[1] Start small. Trace(…)


How to Fold a Hand Towel

A folded hand towel is the perfect finishing touch to an organized bathroom, and folding a towel is easy to do. For a simple folded hand towel, fold the towel into thirds before folding it in half, creating a clean-cut look. To get a little fancier, fold your hand towel so that it has a(…)


How to Wash Sweaters by Hand

Washing your sweaters by hand is a great way to get them clean and fresh without the risk of stretching or shrinking them in the washing machine. While it takes a bit of time, washing them by hand with a gentle detergent can extend the life of your sweaters and help them maintain their shape,(…)


How to Hand Feed a Horse

Whether you own your own horse or just enjoy visiting them in pastures or stables near your home, it can be a rewarding experience to hand feed a horse. If you follow safety procedures and offer the horse the proper food or treat when hand-feeding, you and the horse can enjoy a bonding experience. EditSteps(…)


Hand Carved Walnut End Table

This build is another project for our newly renovated nursery. We needed a simple end table to put next to the rocking chair, and my wife had a great idea of including designs by Charley Harper as carvings in the drawer front.Here is what I used: Rigid Table Saw Dewalt 12in Planer Porter Cable 6in(…)