How to Hand Feed a Horse

Whether you own your own horse or just enjoy visiting them in pastures or stables near your home, it can be a rewarding experience to hand feed a horse. If you follow safety procedures and offer the horse the proper food or treat when hand-feeding, you and the horse can enjoy a bonding experience. EditSteps(…)


Hand Carved Walnut End Table

This build is another project for our newly renovated nursery. We needed a simple end table to put next to the rocking chair, and my wife had a great idea of including designs by Charley Harper as carvings in the drawer front.Here is what I used: Rigid Table Saw Dewalt 12in Planer Porter Cable 6in(…)


Hand Painted Bird Birthday Cake

This instructable will show you how to make a delicious chocolate orange cake, ice it and then delicately hand paint it with a unique design. The skills in this instructable can be applied to any of your own designs so you can create your own personalised masterpiece any time! Preparation Is Every…By: Dale-g3 Continue Reading(…)


Jewellery Concrete Hand

Let’s build a concrete hand for your jewelry!With few materials and effort you will create a decorative concrete hand that will help you keep your jewelry organized. Materials & Tools All materials are easily found at your local store.You will need: Rubber Gloves – Any type of rubber glove, use t…By: TheTugaHandyman Continue Reading »(…)