Hacking UPS to Make Metal Melter

Recently my PC’s UPS battery is dead and it’s not working.So, I thought that!!CAN I HACK THIS UPS????…….So in this post we are talking about the hacking of UPS as a metal melter machine and, how can you do this with your dead UPS.Before starting this project with your UPS read full post properly…By: GadgetETC(…)


Action Cam Hacking

First of all read this 4 points: Manual Focus Various Lenses (from 180° until 6° of FOV) IR Photography IR VisionHave I your Attention? Good, let’s go.Welcome to my second instructable. You have 2 choice:- Video Tutorial- Step by Step Instructable tutorial.Both of them :DI will show you how :- How t…By: Skyfinder Continue Reading(…)