Guitar Pick-up Coil Winder

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida ( device was made with the intent of creating custom pickups for electric guitars. The vibration of the metal strings induces a current in the pickups, …By: TheBigSuleskey Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Make a Scale Electric Guitar

I recently came across a Youtube video where someone made three little guitars out of popsicle sticks. I sometimes make tiny things and I really liked the video and how it was made. I feel like she did a really good job and made it seem super easy (it actually was) and I felt like(…)


Lichtenberg Resin Guitar

Techniques for how I learned about controlling the Lichtenberg Burns can be found here: I am currently out of town and have to do mobile editing, this link will be uploaded once I return home. You can still find it on my profile!or under my profile!I was gifted a build your own guitar kit a(…)


Custom Guitar Pickup Cover

This is a fairly easy way to make covers for guitar or other instrument pickups. I sometimes have a phase of winding my own pickups but they can end up in different shapes and sizes that require a cover I can’t buy off-the-shelf , so I spend ages searching for something I can use.This method(…)


Fully 3D Printed Acustic Guitar

The Model M Guitar was a personal research project in seeking the feasibility of building the first acoustic guitar totally printed in 3D with almost no support material. The design was inspired by Devin Montes’ The Bodysnatcher design, an Australian Youtuber, to make the acoustic body of the guitar…By: mcorreadesign Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Make a Guitar Pickguard

In this post I am going to show you how I made a pickguard for my guitar. I’ve had this guitar for a long time. The majority of my learning and playing has been with this guitar. It has traveled with me and been through a lot over the years. The plastic pickguard started to(…)


Guitar Fuzz Pedal

So, hands up who loves fuzz? Everyone? Good. I know I do. There’s nothing like the sound of dirty fuzz to brighten my day. Guitar, bass or even electric ukulele, everything benefits from heavy diode driven distortion.I love making things almost as much as I love fuzz, so what should I do with a…By: Ken_Tentacles(…)