Iris Guitar Amp

I’m in a guitar builders guild – Guys Building Guitars – every year we display at the Dallas Guitar Show. I wanted to build a traffic stopping – never before seen [by me at least] combo guitar amp. After mashing about with fellow builders and a few nutcases I saw a picture of a human(…)


Kit Guitar

My brother sent me a kit guitar. A Pitbull ES-3. It is a copy of a Gibson ES-175D jazz box. Color I chose a minwax stain, Sedona Red. I decided not to use sander filler and let the wood soak it up where it wanted to. I sanded before hand with 400 grit sand paper.(…)


Learning Your First Song on Guitar.

This tutorial will give you a brief overview on how to perform your very first song with the guitar. The song you will be learning from our instructable is a basic version of "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.Things needed for this tutorial: Right Handed GuitarGuitar Pick (optional)Willingness to …By: eng249boys Continue Reading »(…)


Sticker Bomb Guitar!

This is a quick instructable on how I sticker bombed a guitar. I had an old explorer style guitar that I got from a pawn shop. The previous owner had started a refinish on the neck but never finished so the neck needed to be refinished. Since the guitar body was just boring black I(…)


License Plate Slide Guitar

I built this slide guitar using a license plate for a resonator top, reclaimed oak, and broken ukulele parts. All totalled it cost me zero dollars and looks and sounds great. You can buy equivalents for any of the materials I had found, or scavenge them for yourself. It’s a fun build that results in…By:(…)


How to Carve Mini Guitar

In this instructable i will try to show you how to carve mini guitars, It is fun project to do. It will not tahe you much of time.You can see whole process at Cut Flat Piace of Wood Use saw to cut piace of wood. I am using olive wood but any trype…By: VolosR(…)


Handcrafted Guitar Puzzle Box!

How to make a Handcrafted Guitar Puzzle Box! This is a very fun, and inspirational box that I really enjoyed making. And whether you’re a beginner woodworker, or a pro; This box is relatively easy and fun either way!So without further ado, let’s get started!Tools and Materials used for this project:…By: BurlyWoodWorks – Create Something(…)