License Plate Slide Guitar

I built this slide guitar using a license plate for a resonator top, reclaimed oak, and broken ukulele parts. All totalled it cost me zero dollars and looks and sounds great. You can buy equivalents for any of the materials I had found, or scavenge them for yourself. It’s a fun build that results in…By:(…)


How to Carve Mini Guitar

In this instructable i will try to show you how to carve mini guitars, It is fun project to do. It will not tahe you much of time.You can see whole process at Cut Flat Piace of Wood Use saw to cut piace of wood. I am using olive wood but any trype…By: VolosR(…)


Handcrafted Guitar Puzzle Box!

How to make a Handcrafted Guitar Puzzle Box! This is a very fun, and inspirational box that I really enjoyed making. And whether you’re a beginner woodworker, or a pro; This box is relatively easy and fun either way!So without further ado, let’s get started!Tools and Materials used for this project:…By: BurlyWoodWorks – Create Something(…)


Electric Guitar Project

Yes, this is electric guitar build. I know, so unique, right. So what am I bringing to the table? This is my 9th guitar and I have built them using purely hand tools, mostly power tools, and a mixture of the two, so maybe I can add some insight on building a guitar on a(…)



This is an mod of my custom lead guitar with parts from Ibanez guitars. I decided to make this out of scrap from a friend of mine Emmanuel Hillsong Igwe. Thanks to you for your support in this project. PARTS AND INDIVIDUAL COSTS Parts I got and their prices from Aliexpress.Humbucker Pickups:-htt…By: uc-tech ltd Continue(…)


Make a Modern Guitar Stand

I wanted a guitar stand that was light and could be folded away, but still offered neck support since I have a dog. If you have a dog, toddler, or are just kind of clumsy, this is the guitar stand for you. It is also small enough to fit into a large guitar case and(…)


Guitar Shelf!

What you will need:-A guitar which you no longer use-Pliers-A saw (I used a hand saw, but a jigsaw will work better)-A Drill-Screws (40mm recommended)-wood (for shelves)-Sandpaper -Measuring tape-Paint (optional) Remove the strings Unwind and loosen the guitar strings as much as possible before c…By: rockstarzaz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured