Homemade Guitar Pedalboard

I decided to create my own pedalboard because of the prices in the market and also I wanted to do it based on my needs. Selecting the Materials To complete the project I had to buy some elements:1. Aluminum square pipe.2. Cable ties.3. An extra 2 wire cable to extend the power adapter from the(…)


Iris Guitar Amp

I’m in a guitar builders guild – Guys Building Guitars – every year we display at the Dallas Guitar Show. I wanted to build a traffic stopping – never before seen [by me at least] combo guitar amp. After mashing about with fellow builders and a few nutcases I saw a picture of a human(…)


Kit Guitar

My brother sent me a kit guitar. A Pitbull ES-3. It is a copy of a Gibson ES-175D jazz box. Color I chose a minwax stain, Sedona Red. I decided not to use sander filler and let the wood soak it up where it wanted to. I sanded before hand with 400 grit sand paper.(…)


Learning Your First Song on Guitar.

This tutorial will give you a brief overview on how to perform your very first song with the guitar. The song you will be learning from our instructable is a basic version of "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.Things needed for this tutorial: Right Handed GuitarGuitar Pick (optional)Willingness to …By: eng249boys Continue Reading »(…)


Sticker Bomb Guitar!

This is a quick instructable on how I sticker bombed a guitar. I had an old explorer style guitar that I got from a pawn shop. The previous owner had started a refinish on the neck but never finished so the neck needed to be refinished. Since the guitar body was just boring black I(…)