How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

Look I’m building a guitar!- MeYou’re doing what now?- Quite literally everyone elseHi and welcome to my longest woodworking project so far. Let me tell you the story of how I ended up building an acoustic guitar with only little woodworking skills, no previous instrument building experience, almost…By: deluges Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Broken Guitar String Art

Old broken guitar strings + a few moments of boredom = creative designs!This Instructable is entered in the Trash to Treasure contest, if you like it please give it a vote!Materials:Old guitar strings of varied sizesA handful of nailsScrap piece(s) of woodTools:Soldering ironPliersHelping hands/3rd …By: BakkerJo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Braided Inner Tube Guitar Strap

We are going to make a guitar strap made out of braiding a recycled inner tube. Materials There is not many materials that you will need to make this guitar strap.Here’s what you’ll need: Inner Tube Duct Tape Rubber Cement Scissors Sharp Knife (Be Careful!) Cutting the Inner Tube First you ha…By: soccerjoe13 Continue Reading(…)


Make a Simple Guitar Stand

This is a quick, lightweight stand for stringed instruments in or out of their cases. I mostly own ukuleles and violins so I chose to make my own, scaled to those smaller instruments. The basic idea will work for full-scale guitars, however (but I wouldn’t try it on a cello!)Materials: plywood or ch…By: nomuse Continue(…)


Rotating Guitar and Ukulele Stand

A place to store your instruments if you have no wall space to hang them. Gather Your Materials This project is easily customize-able, so you aren’t restricted to the materials presented here. I used: -Multi material screws-Metal brackets-Washers-Peg and hole board hooks -Wooden Lazy Susan -2×4…By: JNECreate Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Barncaster Electric Guitar

There is a popular industry of making electric guitars that are finished to look like they are distressed and aged (worn paint and varnish jobs; rusted and discolored metallic parts). Most of these guitars are custom built, and feature finishes and design elements that suit the buyer’s tastes.One pa…By: gravitino Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Homemade Guitar Pedalboard

I decided to create my own pedalboard because of the prices in the market and also I wanted to do it based on my needs. Selecting the Materials To complete the project I had to buy some elements:1. Aluminum square pipe.2. Cable ties.3. An extra 2 wire cable to extend the power adapter from the(…)