Drill Press Laser Guide

Battery operated 3D printed Drill Press Laser Guide for accurately locating the spot to drill. Parts This project requires the following parts:2 ea Laser Line Modules 5 mw and 12mm Diameter1 ea Rocker Switch1 ea 18650 Li-Ion Battery1 ea 18650 Battery Holder1 ea A1015 PNP Transistor2 ea 47 K R…By: sbkirby Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Schrodinky: British Shorthair Cat in a Box – 3D Printable, Multi Part Model Assembly Guide

“Schrodinky: The British Shorthair in a Box 3D Printable Multi Part Model” is a larger scale, more detailed and complex version of my original 3D printable "cat in a box" models:Single extrusionMulti extrusion model (FYI: Both these models are free to download).Since there have been boxes, cats have…By: Loubie3D Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)