How to Help Beard Growth

If you’re having trouble growing out your beard, or you just want it to grow faster, there are some things you can do to help. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the skin around your beard. It will also help if you give up bad habits like smoking and skipping out(…)


How to Prevent Mold Growth on Bread

Keeping bread fresh can be a challenging task for anyone, especially for smaller households and those living in hot, humid climates. Learning to store bread correctly is the easiest way to keep mold away, and to enjoy every loaf to its last crumb. EditSteps EditFreezing the Bread Cut bread into portions or slices. Cutting a(…)


Modelling Growth (#bondsnvoids)

We want to understand what are the hidden rules that makes something grow.I believe that by bringing together design and science we can produce a rigorous but flexible approach that will allow us to explore, understand and contribute to science in an antidisciplinary way. — Joi ItoJoi Ito, director …By: benisjamn Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)