How to Grow Carrots in Pots

If you have limited garden space, you can grow carrots in pots instead. While many standard-length carrots don’t grow as long in containers, most smaller varieties thrive in them. Make sure you have a deep container that allows the edible root to grow well into the soil, and keep the soil wet to maximize growth.(…)


How to Grow an Herbal Tea Garden

A tea garden is a delightful hobby that can complement the rest of an herb garden. A tea garden will provide you with the joy of fresh herbal teas, more properly known as herbal infusions or tisanes. You can drink a single herbal tea on its own, or you can try mixing together 2 or(…)


10+ Ways to Grow Plants From a Cutting

How to Propagate & Grow Succulents From Leaves Rooting/Propagating Sprawl-y Plants Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Cuttings. a Newbie’s Guide. Grow Onions From Discarded Onion Bottoms How to Propagate a Pothos Plant How to Grow Rosemary From Cuttings The Lazy Way/non-Water Way …By: Elaina M Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Grow Orchids Outside

If you want to grow orchids outside, there are some fairly simple steps you’ll need to take. You’ll have to find out which orchids will grow in your region and climate. You’ll also need to regulate shade and water to help the orchid grow. While the most common method is to grow orchids in pots,(…)


How to Grow Cucumbers in Pots

Cucumbers can be tricky to grow in pots since they require a lot of vertical space. It can be done, however, if you select a bush variety instead of a climbing variety or you provide room for the cucumber to spread out by adding a stake or trellis. Use well-draining, nutritional soil and keep it(…)


How to Grow a Sunflower in a Pot

Sunflowers are native American plants with many uses. Their oil is used for biodiesel and cooking oil, and their seeds can make tasty snacks. A sunflower also makes a bright and happy addition to any sunny window or balcony. Growing a sunflower in a pot is an easy project that even small children can enjoy.[1](…)


How to Grow Lotus Flower

Sacred to Hindus and Buddhists, the Lotus is the national flower of India. This hardy aquatic plant is native to southern Asia and Australia, but they can be grown in nearly any temperate climate under the right conditions. You can grow lotus from seeds or from tubers. If you grow lotus from seeds, they typically(…)