Green Screen to Polaroid

A quick and hopefully easy way to get green screen effects printed in an "old fashioned" polaroid or instax.For this Instructable we will need a few things: Green Screen app by Do Ink iPhone or iPad (other devices will work with other apps, Green Screen is iOS only) large green surface of some sort…By: jocomakerspace(…)


GREEN DISTRICT-CREATE MODEL OF THE FUTURE OF CHAI WAN – HONG KONG front of all kids (5 classes of 20 students) present the project, EXPLORE Explore the city measuring and looking for possibilities across the District.Divide the district according to the number of classes you have.With each class, split your visit into 3 subjects with 3 g…By: Grabillier Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Lacto-Fermented Green Beans

This recipe is so easy, and the results are so mild and delicious, it makes me want to plant my entire yard with green beans. But then I remember I also love peppers, and carrots, and tomatoes, and… 😀 Safe Home Lacto-Fermenting This recipe is a project that I made to go with my Instructables(…)


How to Make a Green Apple Martini

This sweet and sour cocktail is a great simple drink to serve at your next dinner party. EditIngredients Servings: 1 (about 172 calories or 719 KJ) vodka sour apple schnapps lemonade Sprite Cinnamon and sugar EditSteps EditPreparing the Martini Glass Fill a small dish to about with cinnamon and sugar. Fill another dish with of(…)