How to Make a Green Tea Toner

Green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant properties.[1] This means that green tea may be beneficial for a wide-range of skin problems and for your skin’s general health. You can easily make a toner using freshly brewed green tea to gain these benefits. Add optional ingredients to customize your toner and use it twice daily(…)


How to Go Green

Going green is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint and help the planet. Being green is all about reducing how many resources you use, reusing items when you can, and recycling items that can’t be reused. If you’re ready to go green, start by changing your personal habits and giving your home a(…)


How to Keep an Avocado Green

Avocados are delicious, nutritious, and versatile, but they also spoil quickly. After they’re cut, avocados turn green because the air reacts with the enzymes on the surface of the fruit. Fortunately, you can preserve cut avocado until you’re ready to use it, including guacamole. Additionally, you can slow the ripening of a whole avocado to(…)


Green Lights

Green Lights is a project that was created to teach students about physical computing. This includes Inputs and Outputs, Electricity, programming with Arduino, and a little bit about traffic control systems. The intersection will be setup at the front of the classroom and students will be split up i…By: JosiahP4 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Drink Green Coffee

You’re probably aware that green tea has antioxidants, but did you know that green coffee does, too? Unroasted coffee beans that are still green contain antioxidants and chlorogenic acid that’s been linked to weight loss. To try these benefits for yourself, steep your own green coffee extract or take a powdered green coffee supplement. Remember(…)