Rotating Glider

I made this project in kaggalipura nook I made this project with these materials:Materials:1. Ice-cream sticks2. DC motor3. 9v battery4. Battery clip5. DC motor fan6. A length of single sand wire7. Rubber band8. Thin wood stickTools:1. Hot glue gun2. Scissor3. Cardboard Place the ice cream sticks …By: charankrishna9104 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Easy Magnus Glider

In this Instructable, I will explain how to make a Magnus Glider using only a few materials! The Magnus effect is a big part of many sports, military use, and engineering purposes. When an object is spinning against air flow a force is produced that lifts up the object. This is the Magnus effect! I(…)


Scratchbuild Discuss Launch Glider (DLG)

Definition DLG from Wikipedia: “a radio-controlled model sailplanelaunched using a ‘discus launch’ in which the glider is held by a wingtip and rotated around the flyer by hand before release. Using this method of launching the average flier can achieve launch heights of greater than 140 feet (43 m)…By: AlexanderG9 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Care for a Sugar Glider

Are you the proud new owner of a sugar glider? These little marsupials are sweet, cuddly and very sociable, traits that make them wonderful pets. Sugar gliders are omnivorous, so they need a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and protein. They stay in a tall cage with plenty of branches to climb on, but they(…)


Balsa Wood Glider

It’s summer! So time to get outside with your friends and family to fly your very own balsa glider!This project is great to help your kids learn basic crafting skills involving cutting, sanding, and drilling; and will be a great addition to your summer fun! This glider works best indoors, but can al…By: SheepiAnna Continue(…)


Launch a Glider Via Quadcopter!

Video DemoHow to use your R/C ‘copter to lift a glider up high and launch it!Please vote for this instructable in the Make it Fly contest! Parts Needed 1) 2x standard soda or water bottles. – You don’t necessarily need to use a bottle, any lightweight threaded container with cap would work.2) hac…By: Maker Saga(…)