Generic Linear Actuator With Built-in Tension Spring

After building the Cantilever printer (instructable here: I decided to design a more generic linear actuator. Unlike the cantilever printer the belt would run entirely on the inside of the aluminum extrusion. Unlike the cantilever printer that…By: Core3D Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Generic Prusa I3 Head Upgrade

This project is an upgrade for a low-cost Prusa i3 clone ($ 150 on ebay) to use a pair of bowden E3D V6 print heads. Component Overview The upgrade components are designed to make the most of the existing parts and allow upgrades if wanted. The motor bracket allows the extruder that formerly was l…By:(…)


Generic Power Supply Board

Hi, Mr. Vaibhav here.Happy to share the information about Generic Power supply. This is one of the common circuit which you need when your doing with any circuit designs and custom projects. Without this I don’t think any other circuits for electronics. Making power supply unit is basic for any elec…By: Vaibhav K Sugandhi Continue(…)