How to Make Garlic Cream Sauce

Few things are as impressive to make as a garlic cream sauce. It’s surprising that something so rich and versatile is also so fast and easy to make. Choose a traditional garlic cream sauce or roast the garlic beforehand to create a mellower garlic flavor. Whip up a batch and use it on a variety(…)



Had discovered a couple garlic bulbs in my refrigerator that already started to sprout. So instead of tossing them into the garbage bin decided to grow my own fresh garlic sprouts. You would need only a muffin foil form or any small jar to fit the garlic bulb into it.Personally prefer to use a foil…By:(…)



To all the cooks out there that love to cook with fresh garlic but HATE the tedious process of peeling it, here is a FABULOUS way to peel an entire head of garlic in 20 seconds! Yes. TWENTY. SECONDS. Yep, I know, I didn’t believe it either, so when I saw the video about peeling(…)


How to Get Rid of the Smell of Garlic

Love the taste of garlic, but hate the lingering smell? Here are some tips on how to remove the odor of garlic. Choose one that best fits for the condition. EditSteps EditRemoving the Smell From Your Hands Rub or spray your hands with lemon (or other citrus fruit) juice. Make your own citrus spray by(…)