How to Rake a Zen Garden

For centuries, monks in Japan have perfected the art of raking zen gardens to reach a meditative state. Now, people around the world build Japanese-inspired gardens and rake the gravel or sand into beautiful patterns. Start by learning how to rake a garden into the water drop design, one of the most common patterns. After(…)


How to Keep Raccoons Out of the Garden

Raccoons are intelligent and agile animals that live throughout North America. They are active at night and are attracted to virtually any food source – including your garden. There are some natural repellents that might work, although they require constant vigilance. The only ways to truly keep raccoons out of your garden are to trap(…)


How to Create a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden is a great way to attract a variety of different butterflies to your yard. Not only are butterflies are delicate and beautiful to look at, but since they pollinate plants, they’re actually really important to our ecosystem, too. When you’re planning your garden, research the plants that butterflies in your area prefer.(…)


How to Identify a Garden Spider

The common garden spider (Argiope aurantia) is an orb-weaver, which means it spins its web in a spiraling circle. They are non-venomous, beneficial to the local ecosystem, and can be found just about everywhere in North America and Europe. They can resemble other spiders to an untrained eye, so be careful when trying to identify(…)


Garden Concrete Bench

In this able I’m going to show, how can you create a cheap concrete garden bench. In these pictures you can see some plans with dimensions, designed with a 3D designer program. Materials you will need: Some wood boards concrete (either instant or gravel and cement) screws plastic/wood st…By: garzoli Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


DIY Garden See-Saw Water Feature

Hello Friends… Welcome to RustticKraft Channel. Today will present you a beautiful DIY See-Saw Water Feature made with a Steel pipe and PVC pipe. It’s a very simple project to make your garden look more beautiful.Materials Needed: Bucket*2 Steel Pipe 1/2 inch PVC Pipe 1/2 inch PVC Casing P…By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Wood Garden Sofa With VIDEO

Summer is really my favourite time of year, so to spend much time outdoors we created an own garden sofa. It’s not only easy but also cheap. 😉 Check and enjoy it!VIDEO is here:CLICK measure8x 60cm (23,6in) timbers for the sides and 4x 100cm (39,4in) for seat & back sawingthis was the very…By: PaintyCloud Continue(…)