How to Make Galaxy Slime

Galaxy slime is a super easy update to a regular borax-free slime recipe: just add glitter! I love this slime recipe because it’s so customizable and fool-proof. The key to this slime is using clear school glue as the base: it will make your galaxy slime gorgeous and iridescent. This slime is perfec…By: jessyratfink Continue(…)


Capture a Galaxy

So you may have seen my two other bottled galaxy projects but they were for necklaces, This one is an ornament and is also improved and easier to make!!! Be warned this project can get messy!!!! Things You Will Need!! For this project you need a few things and they are:- Small Cork bottle- Glitte…By:(…)


Galaxy in a Jar

Learn to make your own Galaxy and bottle it up into a jar. You can finally reach out and Touch the Untouchable! Take it wherever you wish to go. Imagine your own Travels to a Galaxy of your own far, far, away!Have you ever seen how pretty the galaxy is? It is made up of(…)