DIY  HomePod from ANY Speaker

Turn any speaker into an Apple HomePod Smart Speaker.Apple’s $ 350 HomePod doesn’t come out until 2018 – but you can build one today for free (if you have the right stuff) in less than 20 minutes. You will need: ANY Old/broken iPhone (4s or later) ANY Portable speaker ANY Speaker enclosureYou ma…By: Louis George(…)


Gloves From Old Sweater

In this easy sewing tutorial I show you how to create some nice comfy gloves out of an old sweater.I hope this will help you. It’s pretty straightforward and not to difficult to create. Check Out My Quick Video Tutorial! I hope this video will help you create this cool Gloves. Along with the vide…By:(…)


Custom Car Seat From Scratch

In making a reproduction custom car from the 1960s, I needed a totally custom seat for the car. I did some searching for vintage plastic and fiberglass patio chairs thinking that may be what the builder used. No luck. I determined I would have to make the seat from scratch.DISCLAIMER: this seat i…By: Willys36 Continue(…)


DIY Jewelry From a Juice Box?!

Hello people!Today I have another upcycling idea for you. This time’s random material is…. *drumroll* a juice box! Yes, another item you would normally throw away.What I mean specifically are those cartons for drinks that have an aluminium layer inside. They are easy to cut and you can make faux m…By: Randomona Continue Reading »(…)