How to Remove Blood From Clothing

As a clumsy person with a blood disease, I have been bleeding on myself and everything around me for most of my life. This particular time was a random nosebleed that ended up on my t-shirt. 😛 I’ve gotten really REALLY good at removing blood from clothing, sheets, upholstery, towels, etc. The major…By: jessyratfink Continue(…)


Making the Rat King From Destiny 2

Hello, and welcome to this Instructable. Before we begin, this is a Non Functioning Prop ReplicaMy name is Thom I run Sorenzo Studios where we make things. My favourite things to make are replica props weapons, but I don’t often get to make things for myself. Every now and again something appears in…By: sorenzo Continue(…)


Making a Brush From a Plastic Bottle

In my previous instructable, Straigtening Plastic (PET) Strip, I was showing how I straighten plastic bottle strip to change it’s propperties and make it more suitable for some projects. Also, I promissed to show how to make a simple brush using straightened strip for bristles, and this is what I’m …By: Waldemar Sha Continue Reading(…)