DIY Drinking Straws From Stainless Steel Tubing – Material Selection and Guidance

Off the shelf SS drinking straws are often unsatisfactory for 2 primary reasons:Too thin (not enough fluid flow)Too tall (too easy to knock the cup over, poke an eye out, or accidentally pick a booger)But, a straw should be easy to DIY. It’s a tube. No welding. No joinery. It’s an empty tube…f…By: keith204 Continue(…)


Mini Bapao From the Oven

bapao as a snackNew Year’s Eve is always a fun evening. Often it is all day baking, ‘oliebollen’ (a Dutch speciality which doesn’t have a good translation if translate you get oil balls or deep fried doughnut balls which both isn’t an oliebol) apple fritters and many other tasty snacks to enjoy the …By: jmdushi(…)