Easy Scare From a Lamp

If you have a light source, you can make this. I used my 5 bulb lamp but any floor lamp would work, as well as a coat rack or mannequin with an additional light source.What you need:Tall thing (lamp?)Light source if tall thing doesn’t have one (glow sticks, battery operated light…)Two pieces of bl…By: tamedraven(…)


Death Eater From Harry Potter

The target was to construct a halloween costume inspired by Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter books, dressed up as a Death Eater (follower of bad guy Voldermort).Here’s an action shot of me in the full costume, Making a Mould Alginate – I used dental alginate Plaster bandages Plaster of Pari…By: fantasy-props Continue Reading »(…)


How to Build a Full-Size Replica of The Martian From George Pal’s 1953 Film The War of the Worlds

In 1953 George Pal produced a big screen cinema adaptation of the classic H.G. Wells 1897 science fiction story “The War of the Worlds.” It wowed audiences at the time with its amazing special effects. I always enjoyed the marvelous screen version of the mechanical war machines that were brought to …By: GlenS56 Continue Reading(…)


DIY SlingBow From Plywood

This is a project I had in mind for a while, a challenging project which requires lots of drawing and planning. Tools And Materials Used: Plywood (20mm and 15mm) Wood screws (30mm and 50mm) Nails (60mm) Tape measure Wood glue Pencil Pliers Hammer Hack saw Drill Drill bits (3mm, 6mm) Wind drill bits…By: fs woodworking(…)