Free the Rope

I saw this puzzle in a novelty shop a while ago and thought I would have a go at making one myself. I didn’t have any suitable timber for the required size other than radiata pine, but I did have some 30mm redwood strips that I have been using as paint stirrers, so I decided(…)


How to Crochet Amigurumi Small Doll for Beginners and Intermediates. Free Crochet Pattern. Size: 10-12cm

I was tickled pink the first time I saw an amigurumi on Pinterest a few months ago…..and I just had to learn how to do it. Didn’t know a thing about crochet apart from the stigma that it’s an old ladies hobby with doilies and tea…I set out to teach myself. It was frustrating in(…)


Raising Little Chicks Into FREE Range Chickens

There’s a big difference between raising free range chickens, and having chickens in a cage. Although there are challenges, The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. In this video I show how to raise the chicks when they’re young, Then how to introduce these new chickens into the existing flock. Do…By: hoppyandjumpy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Quick Guilty Free Veggies Sandwich

A simple, yet super flavorful sandwich recipe made of roasted veggies and vegan chicken nuggets. Roasted vegetables sandwich? When I heard that word, I was like nope definitely a no for me. Trust me. This sandwich is delicious, and the best part is that you will feel healthier and happier after eati…By: RecipeRemix Continue Reading(…)


“Free” Patio Chair Rehab

I recently moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Independence, Missouri. The why is not really important. I am still getting over making the 4500 mile drive after rehabbing our duplex. The duplex sold so it was worth it. Our new house has a detached two car garage, The Hut, that I have claimed as my w…By:(…)