How to Paint a Mirror Frame

You can easily give your mirror a new lease on life simply by painting the frame! Clean the mirror frame before you begin painting. Then protect the mirror from the paint either by removing it, using painter’s tape and paper, or with petroleum jelly. Choose either chalk paint or spray paint to apply and make(…)


Skull Door Frame Entrance Decoration

How to make an epic custom entrance for your door. Materials 1. Spray Foam2. White Spray Paint3. Black Spray Paint4. Ivory Spray Paint5. Spare Wood6. Textured Stone Rustoleum Spray Paint7. Small Plastic Skulls (100)8. 3 Large Plastic Skulls Layout Arrange layout. Apply Foam To Wood As Seen …By: agsd15 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Make a Picture Frame

I was really expecting this to be easy. I mean, it is only a picture frame how hard can it be? This is my first picture frame and maybe you have made one before but for me, this was a bit of skill stretching to say the least. Anyone can make, so I buckled down(…)


Chess Piece Display Frame

Had these beautiful chess pieces made of silver alloy with glass enamel that were hidden in their case. Time I built a nice frame to display them. I took an existing frame with a glass front and added a box to the back of it. The box was divided into compartments with wooden strips forming(…)


Kids (house) bed frame

Hi! Welcome to my instructable on building an house type bed frame. I hope to inspire you to pick up some tools and make stuff. :)This project came about when my daughter was starting to sleep in a bed of her own, I wanted to make something cozy and inviting for her. Materials – Getting(…)