DIY Tabletop Fountain

My instructable ‘DIY Tabletop Fountain’ is a small replica of the bigger versions that you may have come across in your day to day life. It also shares some characteristics of a waterfall, so we can say that it is a Waterfall = Falltain (hahahaha..). It also has a special moving instructables robot…By: harioma600 Continue(…)


DIY Glowing Fountain

Glow your room this winter with a beautiful Glowing Fountain.Rustickraft presents a homemade DIY Glowing Waterfall Fountain using the Acrylic sheet and Popsicle sticks.Materials Needed:Popsicle SticksAcrylic Sheet – Polyester Film Blue Waterproof LED –…By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Bubble Fountain

Materials Needed: Acrylic Sheet Air Pump Aquarium Pipe Blue Waterproof LED LED Adapter Wood Black Tape Spray Colour Hot Glue Super Glue Silicon SealantTools Needed: Cutter Needle Drill LED and Piping So Let’s start…We need 2 Acrylic sheet of 23cm height and 2cm width. Attach Waterproo…By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Halloween Fountain

Materials Needed:Pumpkins Water Pump Water Pipe Plastic DC T-connector Red LED Strip LED Adopter Electric Wire Plug PlanterTools Needed:Knife Drill ScissorDecorative Items:Plants Bricks Sand The Pumpkins So let’s start.We need 2 pumpkins Take a knife and give a square cut on the top the p…By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY LED Rainfall Fountain

Materials Needed: Blue Bucket Blue Bucket Lids PVC Pipe 48-Inch PVC Endcap Bulb Holder Round Wood Blue Waterproof LED – LED Adapter – Mode Changer/ LED Controller – Plug 18W Water Pump – Aquarium Pipe Woo…By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Fountain With Acrylic Sheet

Materials Needed: 3mm Acrylic Sheet 3W Water Pump (200L/Hour) Waterproof LED 12 Volt LED Adopter 3/4 inch Pipe Masking Tape Push Terminal Plug Electric Wire BucketTools Needed: Silicone Sealant Super Glue Hot Glue Epoxy Resin Soldering Iron Drill Scissor X-Acto Knife CutterDecorative Items: Plastic …By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Indoor Water Fountain

You must have some indoor plants to decorate your home, but adding a indoor fountain can dramatically improve the aura and ambiance of your home. A fountain can add a touch of liveliness and freshness to indoor living. The bubbling and soothing sounds of flowing water can reduce the stress and bring…By: artwithdEva Continue Reading(…)


3D Awesome Serenity Fountain

Build a maker project to inspire some summer fun or a natural respite to add to your fortress of solitude. Gather Your Materials! First stop is to the 3D printer. We love our Imade 3D Jellybox and you can access the designs through Tinkercad and adapt as need. You are building a layered fountain…By: nsekkins(…)


JF Time Fountain

Harold "Doc" Edgerton, an American electrical engineer and photographer was noted for creating high-speed photography techniques. He developed and improved strobes and used them to freeze objects in motion so that they could be captured on film by a camera.The ‘Piddler’ machine he created more than …By: jollifactory Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured