AirPods and the Iris Engine: talking to the lawyer who thinks he found Apple’s secret trademarks

If you read enough tech news, you’re sure to see upcoming gadgets and features get leaked through regulatory filings, patent applications, and trademarks well ahead of their intended announcement. No company is immune to this, but Apple has largely avoided it — maybe until now. Trademark attorney Brian Conroy claims to have dug up a(…)


The European Space Agency has found its missing Philae comet lander

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission has finally found its Philae lander, nearly two years after the vehicle became the first ever to land on a comet. The mission team has struggled to locate the lander since that historic touchdown, and communications with Philae have been sparse to non-existent. But less than a month before the(…)


Airboat ReDeux With Found Parts

Every generation makes an airboat — it’s a required right-of-passage for any Maker. Here’s my oddball version.This year I wanted to offer our local Maker Group something new, a boat that’s powerful enough to cross the entire pond. I also wanted it to be RC controlled with no Arduino involved. Yes,…By: markk7 Continue Reading »(…)


My Ray Gun From Found Objects

This is my interpretation of a ray gun that I made with some parts found at Delaney’s Surplus a few years ago. Parts needed You will need something with a handle. I found this Type-2E Metco Metallizing Gun. Then you need something that matches up well at looks like it could shoot some cosmic rays…By:(…)