Warm Boot Socks for Any Foot

This one goes especially for you ladies who – like me – have constantly cold feed. Not metaphorically speaking, I mean actual cold feed that make your usual socks feel like ice. With these superwarm supersocks the problem will be no more and moreover, I’ll show you how to create a pattern for any fo…By:(…)


The Ultimate Terrace Garden: Square Foot Pallet One Gardening System Is All You Need

Everyone knows how wonderful it is to garden! To grow for your’e own food, flowers or just grow for the fun of it. There is no better feeling!But unfortunately there are a few dissapointments and difficulties in successfully developing and maintaining a flourishing terrace garden. Over the time I ha…By: AkshayG36 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Square Foot Vegetable Garden

Gardening is a great hobby but there are some disadvantages : ground is lowweeds grow in the alleysit can become untidy and unsightlyslugs go everywhereYou can find some responses to those issues with "Square Foot Garden"It is easy to build them yourself for less that 80 Eur per unit. The Material…By: phico Continue Reading »(…)


Chicken Foot LED Lamp

Taking a junk LED light strip, and a couple planks of wood, you too can create this useful lamp.It has three joints that allow it to articulate a variety of heights and angles.This makes it especially useful for a desk/workspace combinationThe second image is what it looked like before I started thi…By: WarriorStudio Continue Reading(…)