Napkin Folding – Flower

Do you want to know how to make your dinner table more exciting for your guests? Why note decorating it with a simple, but pleasing to the eye, floral design! Get a Square Dinner Napkin You will need to have your dinner napkin to be square for this to work. The folding won’t work with(…)


Folding Chair

In the net I found a picture , which shows a very interesting folding chair. The special feature is that the complete chair is sawn from a plate (about 90x60cm) and when folded only as thick as the original plate. Planing After the photo I made a drawing with Corel Draw . It took a(…)


Folding Workshop Workbench!

I have a small workshop and wanted a permanent bench that would fold away to allow me to move my bike and BBQ in and out easily… so… here it is. Full video can be seen on YouTube…!My YouTube Channel…. Hinges! Using old wood and hinges, I cobbled together a custom fit folding workbench…By: HowardLJTaylor(…)


Folding Sunglasses Made in Fusion 360

This project is a development of my previous sunglass model . The previous model had fixed hands but this one can fold it’s hands. Curious to know how? Follow on.Software required:Fusion 360 by AutodeskPre-requisites: Although the Instructables is meant to be for beginners, it is recommended to have…By: alamtania Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Hexagonal Folding Table

By: Dale RosenTDJ-20 April 2010 ​Problem: The problem is that I have a very awkwardly shaped corner in-between two chairs in the living room of my cottage. This space is in desperate need of a small table that would fit in-between the two chairs. In the past, I have had problems finding a decret…By: DMWR(…)


Quiet PC With 2 TFLOPS GPU for BOINC OR FOLDING, Easy Installation, Almost Fanless

WARNING:I AM IN NOT IN ANYWAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR HARDWARE BY FOLLOWING THIS GUIDE.This guide is more effective for BOINC users (personal choice / reasons), it can also be used for FOLDING or video processing, and other purposes where offloading GPU is required (looking also forw…By: cristipurdel Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)