How to Fold Dress Pants

Whether you are hanging up your dress pants in your closet or packing them for a trip, knowing how to fold them properly will help keep them from falling off the hanger or getting wrinkled. Fold pants into a compact shape for traveling, and learn the Savile Row fold to hang up pants in your(…)


How to Fold a Map

Maps are essential navigation tools, but they can be bulky and hard to carry. Knowing how to properly fold a map will save you time and energy by allowing you to access it more easily, as well as conveniently carry it long distances in small spaces, such as your pocket or backpack. EditSteps EditUsing an(…)


How to Fold a Shirt for Travel

There are many ways to fold a shirt, and when you are traveling, you may want to reduce wrinkles or save space. Try folding your shirts together to reduce wrinkles or rolling up your shirts to save space. You’ll be ready for your vacation or business trip in no time! EditSteps EditFolding Your Dress Shirts(…)


How to Fold a Shirt

Folding shirts properly is a great way keep them nice and tidy and help save space in your dresser. This wikiHow will show you different ways of folding a shirt. EditIn a Hurry? To easily fold a dress shirt, start by turning it face-down. Fold one-third of the body on the right side towards the(…)


How to Fold Up a Pop Up Tent

Many people use pop up tents as quick, easy shelters but find folding up the tent to be an unexpected hassle. Storing the tent involves folding the poles together and then over each other. This collapses the tent into a circle that you can seal in a bag until you need it again. With a(…)