How to Make Cappuccino Foam

A cappuccino is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.[1] The most striking thing about this drink is the milk foam on top. A soothing, consistent layer of foam is what sets a great cappuccino apart from lesser drinks. There’s a greater part art than science in making the perfect cappuccino. Although it(…)


How to Cut Memory Foam

Memory foam is a common material used for mattresses and pillows since it’s comfortable and it conforms to your body. If you have a piece of memory foam that’s too large, you can easily cut it at home with an electric carving knife. Be sure to double check your measurements before you make your cut(…)


Foam and Balsa Wood RC Airplane

We built this RC Airplane as our Senior Project in our Engineering 4 Class in High School. Outlined here is our Project Overview:What is the project?In a simple statement, our project is to build a radio controlled airplane. In more detail, our project is to build the body of a RC Airplane out of di…By:(…)


Whoville Entrance Arch Out of Foam

We were hosting a "Christmas in Whoville" event for the kids at church, so the first step was to build the entrance from the cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The lesson is brief, but we really like how this came out. Let’s get started! Gather Your Materials Many of these things are option…By: TrevorJ5(…)


MP3 Foam Soccer Ball for the Blind

This project is a fall out from the Blind Basketball project I was involved in recently. I made an instructable :…One part of the project was to get the students from the School for the blind to get involved in developing a reasonable sound or so…By: rodboudreaux Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Make a Simple Mask Out of Foam

Looking for an easy (and cheap) way to make a mask for a costume? PVA foam and a heat gun can help you get there!Tools Dremel Heat Gun Utility Knife PencilMaterials PVA Foam Plasti Dip Paper Create Your Mask Paper Pattern To get the size right, I started out with a (super) rough paper form.(…)


EVA Foam Kids Door Plaque

After watching so many cosplayers and EVA foam smiths (punishedprops, evil ted, kamui cosplay etc..) I wanted to have a go. I spent many months accumulating the tools I’d need, finding bargains and biding my time, until finally, I had the necessary parts.But what to build?I decided on something rela…By: actongrieves Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


$5 DIY Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Hey Guys, It has been a long time I have not written an instructable.In this instructable, I will show you how to make a StyroFoam Cutter using things that are lying in your home.A Styrofoam cutter basically works by heating a wire using Ohm’s Laws, where the heat is equal to I2R whereI is the(…)