Chocolate Egg Surprise With Bubbling Bubbles or Flavored Foam

There are two variations of this dessert, one with a hollow chocolate eggshell that will start bubbling with caramel bubbles. And the other, Chocolate eggshell stuffed with whipped cream and a minty strawberry lemonade sorbet and Dry Ice Avocado Ice cream, Honeycomb and gentle strawberry bubbling fo…By: PieBaby89 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make Flavored Simple Syrups

If you really want to amp up your favorite drinks, desserts, and recipes, you need to learn how to make Flavored Simple Syrups that are packed full of fresh flavors. Alcohol Infusions, along with fresh fruits or herbs, are key ingredients in many of those drink recipes like Pear Rosemary Sparklers…By: SoFabFood Continue Reading »(…)