Mechanical Arm Test Fixture

I was wanting to test software for an upcoming project and required a mechanical arm to do so.I chose basic forms since the goal was to test function. Future revisions have better aesthetics. This was designed and built on the fly with little more than an idea of the finished arm.There were mistakes…By: Random_Canadian Continue(…)


Smart Home PVC Light Fixture

Tired of a boring old standard light fixture in your room? Have some fun and build your own designer light with PVC conduit ! Ideas for building blocks for your custom designed light fixture …. 1 x Plastic (PVC) round electrical outlet with top and 1/2 inch round conduit (plastic tube) socke…By: BrettW9 Continue Reading(…)


Huge vacuum tube light fixture.

[IMPORTANT CREATOR’S NOTE] Many vacuum tubes contain toxic substances and gases (mercury, uranium, thoriated tungsten, etc.). You are well-advised to handle these valves with care, to ensure that they do not break, or react unsafely to the heat generated by the lighting. It is incumbent upon you t…By: j88k Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)