How to Fillet a Fish

While catching a fish can be as simple as casting out a line with bait and being patient, filleting a fish takes a little more finesse. Knowing the correct process to fillet a fish can make the difference between getting barely enough meat for a side dish and harvesting enough for a fish feast. Plus,(…)


How to Build a Koi Fish Pond

Koi are beautiful, ornamental fish that can live for a long time in the right conditions. Building your own koi fish pond in your garden can sound like a difficult task, however, with a bit of planning and patience, it won’t take too long at all! Plan out the size and depth of the pond(…)


EL Wire Fish With LED Eyes

WelcomeHello and thanks for checking out my first Instructable. I’m excited to finally share one of my favorite projects, a glowing fish skeleton with color changing eyes and a top hat. This project combines EL wire and addressable LEDs with a piece of laser cut acrylic (or hand cut cardboard). You …By: dkatzen Continue Reading(…)