My First Christmas Fireplace

I always dreamed of having a fireplace, but my house is very small and there was not. This year, I took advantage of Christmas time to make dreams come true, and decided to make my own fireplace. For my fireplace I used only recycled material. I tried to get a rustic look. Materials I have(…)


My First Protoboard Electronics Block Toy

For little tykes or experienced engineers… Open source and scalable up or down if needed.It’s the new STEM fidget toy to help visualize ideas when brainstorming electronics or prototyping the next big thing. Great to get kids to start recognizing electronic components for early learning. Bring it to…By: caitlinsdad Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


First Greenhouse

For my first greenhouse I constructed a simple lean to against the side of the house. There are a few hacks that make this greenhouse worth testing: Insulation. Building against the side of the house insulates the basement and heats the greenhouse.HWH Vent. Yes, the vent dumps heat, CO2 and water …By: jprussack Continue Reading(…)