How to Fight a Forest Fire

Forest fires are an important element in the lifecycle of a forest. Unfortunately, many forest fires begin as the result of human negligence. When forest fires (also called wildfires) become large and unwieldy, they threaten human life, animal life, and property. If you should encounter a forest fire, contact the authorities right away and get(…)


Fire Fly Using Ebot.

A simple project using Ebot This is made by gradually increasing and decreasing the brightness of an LED which mimics a firefly.The Ebot controller is programmed using drag and drop blockly based application called Ebot.We Makers Academy use simple DIY projects using Ebot to promote STEM-based educa…By: cbitsco Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Fire Hydrant Fake Table

Fire hydrant fake from pvc pipes Cut and assemble A sewage pipe with a diameter of 110 mm was shortened to the length of 77 cm. At a height of 60 cm, two opposite circular "holes" with a diameter of 70 mm were made. A third hole was drilled 47 cm from the front into(…)