Origami Fire – 1000 Paper Cranes

In October of this year, a huge fire burned in Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties. People were evacuated and many lost their homes. As a teacher, I wanted to provide my students with an activity that brought them together and allowed for quiet contemplation or conversation about what we had experienced …By: TerraH9 Continue Reading(…)


Tie Fighter Fire Pit

As part of my quest to become an aerospace engineer, I am learning to work with metal. My first step has been learning to weld. As part of this process, I am also sort of reviewing inexpensive welders. In a previous Instructable, I reviewed the 90 Amp flux-core Harbor Freight welder . I was abl…By:(…)


How to Recycle a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are important safety devices, but they can be harmful if they aren’t disposed of properly. By emptying your extinguisher and removing the exterior accessories, you can make your extinguisher ready for recycling. Remember to connect with local resources to recycle or discard your extinguisher in a responsible way. EditSteps EditEmptying the Extinguisher Examine(…)


How to Test a Fire Alarm System

Fire alarms are essential safety devices that, when activated, will alert you of danger and quite possibly save your life. Testing your system regularly ensures that the detectors and alarms are working properly and will operate as intended during dangerous situations. EditIn a Hurry? To see if a smoke detector has enough power, press and(…)


Fire Extinguisher Inspection

A properly working extinguisher could save a life, maybe even yours. Everyone should know how to perform fire extinguisher inspections. They should be completed on a monthly basis whether at home and in the workplace. Monthly inspections will ensure the fire extinguisher will operate as directed in …By: lmander Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Electricity From Fire

Watch the Video or follow the instructionsSubscribe my youtube channel: What You Will Need Two heatsinks, one bigger than the other.One Peltier cellOne Voltage regulator with USB outputs (not really, it won’t work with it)Thermal grease T…By: focamonca Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured