Invisible Fence Pet ID Tag

What’s the one time that our pets will typically have a collar on but not have any contact info on the collar?It’s when they’re wearing their invisible fence collar, and I’m guilty of it too. So to fix that I created this laser engraved leather pet ID tag to help keep my dog Safe and(…)


Cheap and Easy Halloween Fence

Every year for Halloween most of our yard turns into a giant New Orleans/"Voodoo" themed cemetery. There’s tombstones, ghosts, skeletons, hanging lights and one of the pinnacles of the setup, a spooky halloween fence encircling the yard!These are built in sections that are each about four feet long….By: WickedMakers Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Building a Modern Privacy Fence

This privacy fence is made with corrugated roofing panels, some 2x4s and pressure treated posts. I wanted to create a rather modern looking fence that provided an interesting look while blocking the view of my neighbors. This is not a fence that goes onto my property line, so I decided to make it as…By: darbinorvar(…)


Halloween Pallet Fence

This was my first big pallet project. I am by no means a carpenter so the idea was a bit daunting. The main reason I was determined to take on this project was to provide a safe walkway for kids to take up to our door on Halloween night. The previous year I had little(…)


Router Table and Fence

In this Instructables, I’ll show you how I made this router table and fence. I used melamine to get a nice flat smooth surface to work with and added in some T-tracks so I could easily use featherboards.I’m using the Rockler Pro Lift router lift which has some cool features like an ejectable throat …By:(…)


The Router Table Fence

Recently, I built a new router table. Technically, I already have two router tables, but they each have fatal flaws.Router table 1 is a store bought Skil contraption. It’s a good table for small projects or job site work, but I outgrew it rather quickly. The small top with recessed miter gauge track…By: -BALES- Continue(…)


How to Decorate a Fence

A fence is a part of your home’s aesthetic, so you can improve it beyond routine washing and painting. Take advantage of your fence space by hanging planter boxes and growing colorful plants. You can also make your fence stand out by painting a design on it or mask it by hanging arts and crafts.(…)