Department of Labor claims that Google systematically underpays its female employees

In January, the US Department of Labor sued Google, claiming that the company was withholding information relevant to an ongoing compliance audit. Now, the agency claims that it has found “systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce.” During a court hearing for the case on Friday, DoL Regional Director Janette Wipper(…)


XX is a rambunctious horror anthology made by four promising female directors

When director Jovanka Vuckovic introduced XX at its Sundance premiere, she made the origins of the project clear. A horror anthology that brings together installments from four female directors, Vuckovic said it was created “directly in response to the lack of opportunity for women filmmakers, particularly in the horror genre.” Horror, of course, is a(…)


Patients treated by female doctors less likely to die than patients treated by men, new study shows

Elderly patients are less likely to die or to be readmitted to to the hospital when they’re treated by a female physician than by a male physician, according to new research. It’s yet another reason why it’s ridiculous for male doctors to out-earn female docs by an average of $ 20,000 each year. And it(…)