Birch Log Bird Feeder

Winter is coming!If you would like to give garden birds a treat and have a nice looking bird feeder instead of a plain food ball, then follow these instructions: Tools and Materials For the birch log:nice looking log of birch (or other) woodelectric drillround drill bit or spade bitmetal ring and…By: tgeimer Continue Reading »(…)


Wooden Bird Feeder

My mummy loves watching birds in her garden and she has this tree full of flowers and 4 bird feeders. Unfortunately one of the older bird feeders isn’t looking so well anymore, so I decided to make her a new one. She really likes it and so do the birdies. The whole project took about(…)


Fish Feeder

This article is from tinkercademy, you can see the link here : https://tinkercademy.com/tutorials/fish-feeder/. Tired of feeding your fish by hand? Here’s the micro:bit project for you! In this course, we will use a ADKeypad to control the motion of a servo to feed fish. Pre-build Overview…By: RayM81 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arduino Fish Feeder

This project I made using mostly household items, so it doesn’t look as clean as some others I’ve seen on this site, but I saved some money on it. It uses an Arduino to move gears with a motor which will push fish food into the tank. The programming part of it can set the(…)


Automatic Dog Feeder

To make my life a bit easier and also mentally train my dog i came up with an idea to make an automatic dog feederBy using this machine you can feed your dog via website, either manualy or at specified times. The dog can also earn food by dropping a ball into tube.On the wesbite(…)


EAL – Arduino Controlled Coral Feeder

This instructable is a description of an Arduino controlled feeding dispenser intended for use on saltwater aquariums.The Coral Feeder is made as a school project.Jacob Padkær Explanatory Video of the Coral Feeder Operating the Coral Feeder The coral feeder is very easy to operate. Toggle t…By: Jacob_Padkaer Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Humming Bird Vertical Feeder

Have you ever wanted to have a community of humming birds in your backyard? Well, Now that dream can now become a reality! With simple household items, you can easily make a humming bird feeder within seconds. Now, lets be honest, "Why would i ever want that in my backyard?" Well, "Its Elementary my…By: Bluesock(…)


Tit Bird Feeder From Kitchen Spatula

This instructable is more about caring about our little friends Tit Birds, and reasonable usage of food products rather then the feeder itself (because it’s not working wery well).So why do we care about Tit Birds? Because they are cute as hell!Also they’re great helpers at the gardens. During …By: Waldemar Sha Continue Reading »(…)