Faux Gold Cardboard Earrings

There are these flat, wavy metal beads that I always drool over, but they are very expensive. The brass or copper ones cost about $ 8 for 30 beads, which means $ 5-$ 10 per project. So when I saw the cardboard contest, I thought…hmmm…cardboard. I made the flat beads out of cardboard and designed(…)


Faux Mongolian Stool

I love the look of Mongolian stools. They combine comfort, practicality, and beauty to bring warmth to the home! I’d admired them online for months before deciding to add one to my own home…but with Mongolian stools costing well over $ 200 at stores like PotteryBarn and West Elm, I wanted to find s…By: TasteofSarband(…)


Faux Brick Wall

I love interior brick walls and this is how I made a realistic looking brick wall out of homemade paper clay. That’s right…Paper Clay!! The One Year Test! This is an easy and inexpensive project, but it is very time-consuming! The final brick wall is paper clay over wallpaper. I tested it for …By: bryans(…)


Faux Antique Mantle Clock

A few years ago I wanted an antique clock as a focalpoint on our mantle. The clock the wife and I were excited about with a price tag of $ 1,400.00 was just not affordable for us; once seeing that clock nothing else compared to it. A friend suggested that I build it myself; that(…)


Faux Amber Resin Key Ring

Real amber is too soft to use on a key chain, but amber made from polyester resin is incredibly strong. Your amber "stone" will have the characteristic honey color and glass-like surface, but will be highly scratch resistant. And, since natural amber has bubbles and bits of nature mixed in the resin…By: Rhonda Chase Design(…)


Styrofoam Fake Faux Fun

***The double-negative is intentional because what I’m about to show you is both fake and real.***I have to admit that when I started collecting Styrofoam packaging from products and empty Styrofoam coolers used for shipping temperature sensitive medications, I didn’t know what I was going to do wit…By: bitsandbots Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)