How to Host an Autistic Friendly Family Gathering

Holidays, get-togethers, reunions, and other family get-togethers can be a source of great joy (and great stress). They can be especially tough for autistics, who may deal with social confusion, sensory overload, high demands, and other stressors. Here is how to make your get-together more inclusive, relaxed, and fun for your autistic relative(s). EditSteps EditPreparing(…)



From my point of view, Halloween is an festival that has a motto of ,"scare others and made party with them". I created this instructables with these my theme.And also this ghosts ( floating ghosts ) is an easy to make because of this type of ghosts don’t have body and legs. Let’s start the…By:(…)


How to Deal With a Codependent Family Member

Codependency is a learned behavior that often runs in families. Since it is learned, it can often be passed down through generations. At its core, codependence is a behavioral condition that impacts an individual’s ability to have healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships. If you have a family member who is codependent, you may feel smothered or manipulated.(…)