How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

A lot of people don’t even start to think about seasonal decorating until the holiday season, but there are lots of inexpensive ways that you can celebrate the arrival of fall as well! By incorporating natural elements, reusing items that you might already have, shopping strategically, and taking on craft projects, you can create a(…)


How to View Fall Foliage

As summer transitions to fall, it becomes time for warm apple cider, flannel shirts, and of course, fall foliage. If you want to see the luscious leaves change from green to bright golds, oranges, and reds, view fall foliage from September to October. The United States is rich in fall splendor, though you can see(…)


How to Prepare Your Garden for the Fall

Before the temperature drops, you can easily prepare your garden for the fall! While it is still warm and the soil is workable, remove weeds, dead plants, and lawn debris from your garden. Then, harvest any remaining crops, add some compost, till your soil, and cover with mulch. To prepare for the cold, cover perennials(…)