Scientists and their supporters march in favor of actual facts in D.C.

Just inside the entrance to the Washington Monument, a handful of people hold black and white signs bearing the words ADA assistance. As one one man walks by, he briefly pauses to consider their message. “Americans with Disabilities Act, or Ada Lovelace?” he says. “She was a great mathematician.” It’s just shy of 9AM in(…)


Badlands National Park stands up to Trump administration by tweeting facts

As the Trump administration races to silence scientists in government, some federal employees are mounting small but visible resistance efforts. The Twitter account for Badlands National Park posted a stream of climate facts today, seemingly in protest of the Trump administration’s gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency. But the tweets later disappeared after gaining(…)


FCC introduces broadband labels inspired by nutrition facts

The Federal Communications Commission has unveiled new broadband labels, modeled after the nutrition facts label found on food products throughout the US, as a way to give consumers more details about their home and mobile internet service. The labels detail pricing, internet speeds, latency, data caps, modem costs, and early termination fees among other items(…)