What if the aliens in Arrival had ‘thoughtful’ horse eyes or purple skin ruffles?

Cinema Blend interviewed Arrival concept artist Peter Konig today, and he gave them a glimpse at a number of alternate universes — his other designs for Arrival’s aliens, the heptapods, show all the worlds that might have been. Konig emphasizes that director Denis Villeneuve was willing to entertain any and all ideas during the brainstorm(…)


Skull with Flashing Eyes

For robotics class, we needed to make a Halloween decoration with flashing LEDs. This is a cheap project that will cost you less than $ 10 and is really easy to build! This will make a good Halloween decoration for your house. Parts and Equipment To make this project, you will need: Velleman MK…By: kyle_ayn(…)


Scary Eyes

I had read about an idea of using a toilet paper roll and a glow stick to make a scary eyed decoration to put in a bush but I didn’t like the idea of using a new glow stick every night plus I wanted something waterproof and big so I came up with this.Here are(…)