Animated Spooky Pumpkin Eyes

A couple of years ago while looking for inspiration for a new animated Halloween prop we stumbled upon a video from YouTube contributor 68percentwater called Arduino Servo Pumpkin. This video was exactly what we were looking for, however, some of the details seemed to be missing. So, we decided we…By: SpecialRobotBuilders Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Glowing Demon Eyes (That Can Blink!)

I created this prop 2 years ago; these photos had been waiting a while before they became the Instructable they were originally purposed for 🙂 My true inspiration for this decoration, came from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. As you returned to the station (dock?) your boat was ca…By: nabzim Continue Reading(…)


How to Eliminate Puffy Eyes

If you’re trying to look your best or have a big event coming up, having puffy eyes can be a real drag. Puffy eyes can be caused by a variety of reasons including allergies, stress, health habits, and your natural facial features. If you want to reduce the appearance of the puffiness in your eyes,(…)


How to Do a Cat Eye on Round Eyes

On round eyes, you want to create the illusion of length. Cat eye eyeliner (also called winged eyeliner) is a great way to do this! Prepare your eyelids, draw on your eyeliner, and add some finishing touches for a fun, flattering cat eye. EditSteps EditFinding the Correct Angle Apply primer to your eyelid. Dab a(…)


Animatronic Mask With Moving Eyes

Hi there!For a school assignment we had to discover Arduino. So I decided to make an animatronic mask. It is more like a wall decoration. The whole function of it is to make people slightly uneasy, since the eyes will be moving. It is inspired by the doorknockers from the wonderful film Labyrinth by…By: KyraD5(…)