Homemade Electric Extension Board With Over Voltage Auto-Cut Function

In this Instructable I will tell you whole process of making this homemade electric extension board step by step. It is really very useful electric board. It shows Current Voltage as well as Ampere being consumed at the real time. When voltage exceeds the set limit (usually 250Volt in India) its aut…By: ansmann Continue Reading(…)


Ultimate Router Table & Storage Cabinet (table Saw Extension Wing)

This is a super versatile router lift and storage cabinet built around the Rockler ProLift router lift that lives in the extension wing of my table saw accompanied with some t-track. The whole cabinet is made from ½” aromatic cedar Purebond plywood that I had left over from my plywood dresser build….By: JackmanWorks Continue Reading(…)



Benefits to using a reverse hyper extension.Achieve greater hip extension than Romanian Deadlift. Good to rehab your back (decompresses spine), run faster or just have a nice backside. Can be done heavy or just bodyweight. Tools Required Miter SawSkill/Reciprocating SawCircular Hand SawPower Dril…By: acreativemaker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Whisker Sensory Extension Wearable

This project, like my previous Ultrasonic Sensory Extension Wearable, was designed/created for multiple purposes, a couple of which being: wearable-assisted (See Figure 1) pet care and empathy research and application (specific to animals with vibrissae, see Figure 2) as well as basic sensory augmen…By: metaterra Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make a Vacuum Attachment EASY – DIY Vacuum Extension Hack

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