Acrylic Sheet RGB Glowing Weather Station With Indoor/outdoor/forecast Using ESP8266

The Weather station I made is based on the software of Daniel Eichhorn from Switserland . This firmware includes measurement of the inside temperature + humidity, outside temperature + air pressure (fetching data from a 2nd weatherstation connected to thingspeak) and local forecast data from Wunderg…By: Dennisv15 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


ESP8266 as a Microcontroller

As it was already mentioned in the Getting Started with ESP8266 ESP-01 tutorial, the Wi-Fi module is fully programmable, allowing us to use it as a microcontroller and manipulate inputs and outputs.In this tutorial we are going to show how to program the ESP module via Arduino UNO to blink an LED an…By: JayconSystems Continue(…)


Free Dynamic DNS Server with Esp8266 and OSD FOSCAM Webcam Interface

Make your own DDNS Server to access your home internet devices, no paid service needed!Control Foscam Cameras from your phone, with on-secreen controls. Vote for it if you like!This setup comes under $ 10, and does this job for free!The Foscam Camera interface included, works on Any Browser and Any D…By: CelsoF2 Continue Reading »(…)