How to Enjoy Studying Science

The sciences are traditionally viewed as a set of difficult subjects for students, but in reality they are widely applicable in daily life and increasingly important for you to understand. Understanding science helps you better understand the world around you, and science may be an important part of your education up through college. Many people(…)


How to Enjoy High School

The four years of high school can produce some of the most memorable moments of your life. To get the most out of your high school experience, it’s important to focus on your academics while also spending time exploring your passions and friendships. Be yourself as you navigate high school, and don’t be afraid to(…)


How to Enjoy Life Without Money

It is very possible to enjoy life without money with a little effort and brainstorming. You can trade and swap for things like clothing and books, and shop cheaply for other items. With some creativity you can enjoy a host of free or inexpensive activities with friends and family. Even travel without money is a(…)



IntroductionThe aim of this project is to create a new product that solves some kind of problem using an arduino board to make a quick prototype. ​Problem Definition Nowadays, children do not seem anymore interested on music and instruments. One of the reason we think this happens is because, wit…By: CarlosS409 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Enjoy Science With Bath Bombs

Learn how to make a bath bomb and the science behind the chemical reaction. Through this wonderful Instructable you will be able to touch and feel carbon dioxide through a simple chemical reaction. Bath bombs are beneficial because they make your skin soft and smooth. Dry skin can be be hydrated usi…By: MyWlakeTech Continue Reading(…)