1 Meter POV With IOT Enabled

Before starting explanation about this project I would like to apologized for low quality image and video , but honestly it is really hard to took a sharp and clear image from running POV with normal camera like my mobile camera. It need very fast diaphragm optical lens to capture true motion, But I…By: Hamids(…)


WiFi Enabled Arduino Over USB

This project uses Blynk, which is a service you can use to connect WiFi enabled things to a server. You can control devices like the Raspberry Pi or a specialized SparkFun Blynk Board from an app on your phone. The boards mentioned already have built in wireless capabilities, but the Arduino is not …By: millerman4487(…)


WIFI Enabled LED Matrix

This projects has an Arduino UNO connected to a 7219 LED Matrix with 4- 8×8 blocks. The Arduino is also connected to a ESP8266-12 Development board.The ESP8266-12 (NodeMCU)Connects to your Wifi (you supply SSID and password)Starts a web server on port 80Sends the Arduino its IP address (which scrol…By: aapicella Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


IoT Enabled Coffee Machine

For some time now I have had a Jura coffee machine and I have always wanted to automate it somehow.I have been running a basic home automation system for some years but the coffee machine was not something that was simple to mod (or so I thought). Jura coffee machines generally have a ‘Diagnostic po…By:(…)