Electronic Cricket Game

Build your own electronic, handheld cricket game. Cricket Test matches are known for being played over 5 days and sometimes there’s still not a winner – 5 days!!!I think you need to have been brought up watching cricket matches on TV and playing games in the street as a kid to be able to really(…)


Electronic Chameleon

Ever wondered how the chameleon changes its colour through the changes in environmental colours?There’s something called Melanin Stimulating Hormone or MSH. If you want to dig more into this please follow this Link. The stories apart, I wanted to build ambient lighting system or something like the c…By: Vishwas Navada Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Electronic Space Shuttle

I made this project that link together two of my favourite fields : electronic and space. This space shuttle is made entirely from scratch. Plans The space shuttle is a very nice looking space-craft. I doesn’t want my model to be disproportionate, so I recommand you to print this plan and use it …By: SimonRob(…)