Making of a Mini Electrical Car

I will try to detail you the realization of a project that I had in mind for a moment :Many people in Europe know the "Mini Austin", much less the "Mini Moke", let alone his little sister the "Mini Schmitt" (or Mini Hrubon) that would correspond to a shortened Moke.There is a recent electric version…By:(…)


How to Make a Signal Generator| Learn to Generate Electrical Signals

A Function generator , often known as Wave-form generator is a circuit that produces a variety of different wave-forms at a desired frequency.Function generator is one of the important devices in laboratory when it comes to generating electrical waveforms like sine, triangle,square or pulses over a …By: The_Technocrat Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Electrical Arc Furnace

An electric arc furnace is a type of furnace that heats up materials using a very high current. The rods (which are made of graphite for its semi-conductive properties) heat up and create a plasma that can be directed to melt metals. Although electrical arc furnaces (EAFs) are reliant on large amoun…By: OXANBC_WPDHNW Continue Reading(…)


Evidence of Russian malware found on US electrical company laptop

A utilities company in Vermont has detected evidence of Russian malware, according to a report this evening from The Washington Post, which cited anonymous US officials. The code is said to be connected to a Russian hacking outfit the US government has named Grizzly Steppe. Russian malware was found on one laptop not connected to(…)