Electric Wooden Bike Toy

This summer during the Maker Faire Moscow (https://moscow.makerfaire.com), I conducted a workshop with children. The main goal was to motivate them to make something with their hands. It was also a good pretext to make them understand the very basis of electricity and also some mechanical principles…By: AdrienR Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Converting 24v Grave Digger Power Wheels Into an Electric Go-kart With Rubber Tires

Hey guys, back with another Instructable on our 24 volt Grave Digger power wheels build. My son’s ride started life as a regular 24vGD and has already had quite a few mods performed on it. Now it’s getting even more extreme with the addition of real BKT rubber tires and a chain-driven live axle to(…)


Electric Car

This car goes at 36 km/h and with my two batteries, I reach a range of 50 kmIt is detachable in 5min with 5 screws we have already covered near 1000km withI use it in any terrain, city, camping etc.Cette voiture va a 36 km/h et avec mes deux batteries, j’atteinds une autonomie de 50(…)


How to Make an Electric Firki / Charkhi for Kite Festival

"Electric Firki / Charkhi" Make your Kite festive very special my making this thread rolling machine (string winder) at home. Kite festival is a very popular festival in India and celebrated on 14th January. Its also know as "Uttarayan" and "Makar Sankranti" (layang layang)source: Navin Khambhala #…By: NavinK30 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Make a Scale Electric Guitar

I recently came across a Youtube video where someone made three little guitars out of popsicle sticks. I sometimes make tiny things and I really liked the video and how it was made. I feel like she did a really good job and made it seem super easy (it actually was) and I felt like(…)


Insole Electric Heating Pads

Keeping my toes warm while cycling in the winter has been a problem for many years. Pedaling keeps the pressure on the front of the foot continuously which seems to impede circulation causing toes to get cold more rapidly than when walking. This is further compounded for those of us who suffer fro…By: IC_Biker Continue(…)


Electric Butterfly

This is a very cool multi-colored butterfly I made – requires minimal parts and programming!Aside from the butterfly itself – it shows some very cool techniques where you can make your own PCBs on a silhouette home cutter out of regularly commercially available copper tape – which can be placed onto…By: BradG76 Continue Reading »(…)


Electric Kazoo

How to make an easy electric kazoo! I’ve tried several different ways to electrify a kazoo, all with mixed results, as the hardware inside the kazoo can dampen the sound or narrow the range in which the kazoo will ‘buzz’. This method, I’ve found, results in a very dynamic, responsive noisemaker tha…By: Ok Housecat Continue(…)