Trackable Electric Longboard

This project consists of an electric longboard that retains the route with the help of a raspberry pi. These sessions are kept in a mySQL database and are displayed on my website that was made with the microframework ‘Flask’.(This is a school project that’s made in 3 weeks) Materials and Tools Th…By: thomasvantricht Continue Reading(…)


Handmade Electric Guitar

I made this electric guitar at my high school shop and at home with standard machines and hand tools, it was an amazing project and took me a little over a school year to source the materials, buy, plan, and create the entire guitar but I’m very happy with the end result. I bought all(…)


Homemade Electric Longboard

Hi,In the past, I’ve shared a few longboards I’ve built on Instructables, but this time it’s a little bit different, because it’s ELECTRIC!In this I’ble, I will outline the tools, parts and steps I took to create this fast, long range electric longboard.Hope you guys enjoy! Gather Tools and Materi…By: Andrew Park Continue Reading »(…)