Electric Kazoo

How to make an easy electric kazoo! I’ve tried several different ways to electrify a kazoo, all with mixed results, as the hardware inside the kazoo can dampen the sound or narrow the range in which the kazoo will ‘buzz’. This method, I’ve found, results in a very dynamic, responsive noisemaker tha…By: Ok Housecat Continue(…)


Electric onion slicer

Hi Friends…If you want to slice any vegetable then this machine helps to slice electrically.This electric slicer machine help to slice onion, cucumber, and carate. 30 RPM DC MOTOR Take one 30 RPM DC Motor and place through wood sheet. Make Structure Take 10X28 cm wood sheet and make a struc…By: Creativity Buzz Continue Reading(…)


Homemade Electric Extension Board With Over Voltage Auto-Cut Function

In this Instructable I will tell you whole process of making this homemade electric extension board step by step. It is really very useful electric board. It shows Current Voltage as well as Ampere being consumed at the real time. When voltage exceeds the set limit (usually 250Volt in India) its aut…By: ansmann Continue Reading(…)