Electric Consumption Meter CHINT + ESP8266 & Matrix Led MAX7912

This time we will return to an interesting project, the measurement of electrical consumption in an invasive way with a CHINT DDS666 Meter Mono phase, technically it is a residential or residential meter that we have already presented in previous tutorials, finally I will finish what I started more …By: Jhon_Control Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Electric Lock

a good working printed electric lock Design after a lot of shapes in tinkercad i made this Print It print the .stl files (modify the parts for solenoids and shaft if needed) Parts my solenoids are 16mm diammeter and 20mm height. the shaft is 6mm diammeter the parts are from an old laser pr…By: andreash79(…)


Survival Electric Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter From Old PowerBank

Hello folks,I have built Survival Electric Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter From Old Powerbank, Which can essentially be used for experiments and to create small ember which can further be used to create fire in the wild or around your home without any hassle.Let’s get startedBelow are the things you w…By: aksthakor Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


DIY Electric Screwdriver

Hi everyone… I am back with a new Instructable.In this Instructable we will make a Electric Screwdriver out of a geared DC Motor and PVC Pipes. This is a very handy Tool to have in your garage which makes your job easier and quicker.There are many commercially available Electric Screwdrivers But …By: The_Technocrat Continue Reading(…)


Replacing the Thermostat in a Kenmore Series 90 Dryer (Electric) Made by Whirlpool

If your Kenmore Series 90 Electric Dryer (110.60922990) is running hot and you cannot select cooler temperatures, it is likely that the thermostat (cycling thermostat) is bad. Fortunately, it is easy to replace. Unfortunately, it happens far too frequently. This dryer is on its fifth thermostat in a…By: Quadrifoglio Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Make Electric Foam Cutter

In today’s world, "styrofoam" is a widely used product in DIY projects and products. In earlier days, styrofoam was cut with a stationary knife that used to produce lot of dust all around. Electric Foam cutters help in getting rid of this problem. They cut styrofoam very neatly and effectively witho…By: Techgenie Continue Reading »(…)


Electric Bell

To make a simple Electric Bell at home. Students can build this Bell as a science project. Components: 1)Small motor.2)Small Bolt.3)Small Switch.4)Battery.5)Wires.6)Old Bicycle Bell.7)Long Bolt with Nut. Designing: Step 1: Fix the Bell to the Card board with the help of long bolt nut.Step 2…By: vicky selva Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


The Electric Motor Bike

For my project, I decided to make an bike powered by an electric motor. My first goal was to first make a bike with a motor not directly touching the wheel, but through a system of gears which I have not reached to yet, but I am starting by having the flywheel rotating the wheel.(…)