Infused Tea Eggs

Eggs are one of my favorite things to eat and cook with, they can take on so many different forms with different flavors. Tea eggs are a way to make tea-infused eggs, which sounds weird at first, but are actually really cool and really good. This guide will walk you through the process of making(…)


How to Dye Eggs for Easter

Coloring hard boiled eggs is an Easter tradition. The fun part is, there are so many ways to do it! You can do single coloured eggs, but an added touch never hurt anyone. You can eat these eggs, give them as gifts, or use them for decoration. EditSteps Organise the supplies needed. There are a(…)


How to Color Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs is pretty simple. In this video How to Color Easter Eggs on YouTube I’ll show you how to dye easter eggs….What would an Easter egg hunt be without a basket filled with beautiful brightly colored eggs? It’s a great Easter craft for the kids. In this video, you’ll learn how to m…By:(…)


Amazing Deviled Eggs

In this Instructable I will show you how to make deviled eggs. Chocolate, Ham, and Deviled eggs are my three favorite things to eat during Easter time, haha. Deviled eggs are really easy to make if I can make them you can make them, let’s get started. Feel free to check out all my other(…)


Best Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Looking for the best way to dye eggs this Easter? Want to take your egg decorating to the next level? Here are the best egg dying and decorating techniques from across Instructables! Happy Easter, and if you try one of these egg decorating techniques be sure and post your to-dye-for successes in the…By: audreyobscura Continue(…)