Soft Duck Eggs Benedict With Roasted Poblano Hollandaise and Wild Greens

Here’s a riff on a traditional Eggs Benedict. It’s a great recipe for a brunch-at-home vibe. Here I’ve made a healthier version of the traditional recipe and added some more layers of flavor using poblanos and duck eggs.This recipe began when a farmer friend gifted me some poblano peppers. Most peop…By: boomsride Continue Reading »(…)


How to Replace Eggs in Your Cooking

If you’re avoiding eggs, you can still prepare many dishes without sacrificing too much in the way of taste or texture. Bananas and applesauce can be used to add moisture and thickness to recipes. Use baking powder, ground flax seeds, or agar to replace eggs in baked goods. When eggs are the main ingredient, substitute(…)


Smoked Deviled Eggs

Is there any food more versatile than the humble chicken egg? It can be boiled, baked, scrambled, fried, poached or eaten raw! It is fantastic at binding other ingredients together and can be used to compliment or accompany other dishes. Recently, however, I discovered a new twist on an old favor…By: IamGutter Continue Reading »(…)


Make a Mold to Cast Boiled Eggs

Think about all the molds that you use on the kitchen, they are used for ice, jello, chocolate, cupcakes, bread, etc. But almost all of them are used for making desserts.In this instructable you’ll learn how to make a mold that you can use to beautify your salads or breakfasts. It will be partic…By: handy_woman(…)


Tea Leaf Eggs

Tea leaf eggs are a traditional Chinese dish. My girlfriend loves them on a road trip and has fond childhood memories of open tupperware filling the car with their pleasant aroma (mainly the aniseed). I love them for breakfast and to make a flavorful egg salad. Ingredients The recipe we receive…By: jprussack Continue Reading »(…)


How to Boil Eggs

Boiled eggs are a delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make snack. Whether you want firm, hard-boiled eggs or soft-boiled eggs with warm, runny yolks, a few simple steps will have you enjoying your savory treat in no time. EditQuick Overview For tasty hard-boiled eggs, place your eggs in a large saucepan and cover them with of water.(…)