How to Be Efficient

Being efficient can be a struggle. Fatigue, anxiety, procrastination, and the barrage of daily distractions stifle productivity. Although the obstacles to greater efficiency are imposing, you can take some simple steps to improve your efficiency. Getting enough rest every night, dividing large projects into smaller and more manageable tasks, and setting time limits and deadlines(…)


Efficient Development of Java for the Raspberry Pi

This Instructable describes a very efficient approach for developing Java programs for the Raspberry Pi. I’ve used the approach to develop Java capabilities ranging from low level device support to multi-threaded and network-based programs. The approach is not only efficient, it is free!Fundamentall…By: GregF10 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make an Efficient and Cheap Clapper for Amateur Moviemakers

Most amateur groups have this small issue of financing their projects, which are usually done by themselves only. Amongst those hurdles the issue that surfaces is that of a good clapper. Here I have explained how to make an efficient and cheap clapper for amateur moviemakers Acquiring Materials I…By: Phoenix.Van.De.Graaff Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)