How to Grow an Edible Pond

What’s better than having a water feature in your backyard? Having a water feature that you can eat! There are many varieties of edible plants that you can grow in a simple water garden. With some preparation and the right background knowledge, you can have a pond, and eat it too. EditSteps EditPreparing Your Pond(…)


Edible Anti-cold Bouquet

Anti-cold Edible BouquetHey, it’s Karolina. This is my first instructable, please comment to help me make it even better.Cold can catch us all off-guard. This citrus, honey and root vegetable bouquet is a perfect way to protect your loved ones or as a get-well gift.When cold autumn and winter months…By: karolina-samale Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


100% Edible Life Sized Violet Crystal Encrusted Sugar Skull

I love skulls, but more importantly, I love making skulls! I’ve cast skulls in almost every material possible including plaster, chocolate, and even meat. I’ve made crystal skulls using Borax and other skulls using resin…but for this project, I wanted to do something different…something tha…By: Tye Rannosaurus Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Edible Flower Plant

It’s Mother’s Day!Can’t decide on flowers or candy? Why not giving her both?I usually buy my mom a big flower bouquet, but it isn’t very original. Besides, everybody knows she loves flowers so that’s what she always gets. I wanted to be original this year. I decided that instead of bringing a flower…By: HadasW Continue(…)


Edible Rainbow Cups

The Children’s Day is near and I wanted to make something colorful and fun. I think I succeeded, the kids were especially amused by the fact that they could eat their cup after they had finished drinking from it. The cups can also be used as serving bowls (see photos).Each cup can have it’s special(…)


Unicorn Edible Cookie Dough

I’ve been trying to think of different things to do with the 2.5lbs of cereal marshmallows I bought and figured I would try adding them into edible cookie dough when I got the craving for some. I also added in some white chocolate chips just to give it something else special. I’m sure this is(…)


Edible Tide Pod Jell-O Shots

Ok, I’m late to the party here, but if there are any timeless activities, surely eating Tide Pods and drinking alcohol fall are among the top of that list.With the Tide Pod Challenge in full swing a few months ago, it was obvious what I needed to do. Like with almost every person, place, thing,(…)


Incredible Edible HE Balloon

What could be more perfect for any occasion than an edible helium balloon? This project was inspired by Alinea’s executive chef Mike Bagale who is the original creator of the edible helium balloon and earned 3 Michelin stars for doing so. The Alinea Restaurant is located in Chicago and specializes …By: sunshiine Continue Reading »(…)