Easy Dessert Pizza

In this instructable I will show you how to make a Dessert Pizza. Mmm pizza. This dessert pizza recipe is really easy to make, using very few ingredients, and takes a classic sugar cookie and a classic food, pizza, and combines them into one amazing treat! Need a cool and easy treat to bring to(…)



I need drawers for the various work benches I’ve made. I figured I’d add one to my router table. Welcome to my little shop build of a drawer for my router table. I’m an old-timer. What I build is not necessarily pretty, but it is functional. I gathered material for this project by dumpster di…By:(…)


Easy Oreo Ice Cream

I’ve been craving Oreo ice cream lately and instead of spending money on shakes whenever I get the chance, I decided to make some Oreo ice cream. I’ve really been into the no churn ice cream recipe that jessyratfink shared, so I decided to just add to it to make my tasty frozen treat!Instructable 27…By:(…)


Easy Chicken Satay

This satay chicken is a welcome addition to BBQs for all occasions big and small. You can complete steps 1 through 4 in advance (the night before or morning of). The recipe is easily doubled or quadrupled if you want to have leftovers, they are fantastic in a salad. Marinade the Chicken In addi…By: CathyDietz(…)


Easy Bike Tube Watch Band

I have a nice watch which had a metal band that I stopped wearing. I realized it was because I didn’t like the metal band in the summer time. I also was interested in wearing a watch again to have a better idea of the time when I went running or on my bike and(…)


Easy DIY Raised Garden Beds

Hi Everyone,My name is Mario and I want to show you how I made these easy raised garden beds. Materials and Tools Two 12-ft 2"x10"Two 8-ft 2"x10"Three 6-ft 2"x4"Eight post capsWood filler (optional)Paint and brush (optional)GlueExterior/Deck screwsPocket hole jigExterior pocket hole screwsDrillMi…By: DIYgiveaways Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured