Faux Gold Cardboard Earrings

There are these flat, wavy metal beads that I always drool over, but they are very expensive. The brass or copper ones cost about $ 8 for 30 beads, which means $ 5-$ 10 per project. So when I saw the cardboard contest, I thought…hmmm…cardboard. I made the flat beads out of cardboard and designed(…)


3D Rupee Earrings

I thought it would be fun to make a set of simple 3D Rupee cutout earrings. Inspired by the rupees in the Legend of Zelda video game. So I did :)These fun earrings are easy to print in 2 pieces that easily line up and glue together.Instructable 299You can buy these 3D print Rupee Earrings(…)


Snowflake Earrings

I wanted to make some fun and easy earrings for Christmas. Snowflakes seemed like the obvious design to go with. After playing around with Isi8Bit’s Minimal Waves design on Thingiverse, I knew I wanted to do more prints with different colored layers. This seemed like a great opportunity for that. Th…By: Penolopy Bulnick Continue Reading(…)


Cheap and Easy Floating Earrings

After making floating 3D print earrings, I remembered a craft I did at a Michael’s store ages ago involving clear string and stickers to make floating earrings. I decided to recreate them to show off the super easy and cheap technique to make floating earrings. These are a great craft for kids.Instr…By: Penolopy Bulnick Continue(…)


Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Red Heart Dangle Earrings

You can create a quick and inexpensive beading project out of jumprings and some of beads, you feel interested? These super easy earrings require merely basic wire wrap techniques by using minimal amount of materials.This Beebeecraft tutorial is to show you how to make red heart drop earrings,Learni…By: DasiyD Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)