Dust Collector Full Detector

If you have a dust collector you know what a pain it is if the shavings backup into the filter. Some of the commercial units available are expensive and they rely on an optical sensor. Who would put anything optical inside a drum full of statically charged dust and shavings and expect it to work(…)


Router Table Dust Collection

Previously, I posted tutorials on how to build…Router Table Top & FenceRouter Table CabinetIf you want to see those projects, simply click on the links above. Today, I’m going to show you how to set up your router table’s dust collection and optimize airflow for maximum efficiency. Watch the video…By: diymontreal Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Thien Baffle Dust Extractor With Quick Change Bucket

This project is inspired by Hector Acevedo’s tiltable shopvac dust collector. https://woodgears.ca/reader/hector/shopvac.htmlInstead of tilting the top section, my design incorporates Matthias Wandel’s foot lever idea for a quick and easy bucket release:https://woodgears.ca/dust_collector/separato…By: Bverysharp Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Cyclonic Separator Shop-Vac With Secondary Water Filtration (Wet Scrubber) Made From Junk.. This Is Version Mark 2 of the Cyclonic Dust Collector Shop-Vac.

This is a homemade cyclonic shop vac I built that has a second stage water filtration feature also known as a wet scrubber. The nice thing about this shop vac is it can extract large and fine particles down to several microns with very cheap methods without losing suction and all the while keeping …By:(…)


Compact Dust Collector

One of my least favorite tasks in the shop is cleaning up. Sweeping, dusting, and organizing are all nice once finished, but are painful in the moment. Of these chores, the one I detest the most is emptying the shop vac. Dust goes everywhere, the filter is clogged and you need to clean it out,(…)


2 Way Dust Extractor Valve

Start with a 40mm plastic tee and 3 short pieces of tubing say 30 cm long. Step 1 Start with a 40mm plastic tee and 3 short pieces of tubing say 30 cm long. Step 2 Carefully measure the inside diameter of the 40mm pipe. Step 3 Get 2 large choc block electrical connectors and(…)