Hard Drive Clock

This all came about one day when I was taking apart some old computer components which were no longer useful; and not wanting to waste anything, I struck upon this idea of using the old hard drive to make a clock! This was also perfect timing, as I needed a new one, and had already(…)


How to Drive a Van

Larger than cars and smaller than semi trucks, vans are a perfect solution for people who need to transport a lot of things but still want to use a relatively cheap and compact vehicle. Whether you’re renting a van or using your own, knowing some simple rules of the road will help keep you and(…)


Scissor Drive Servo Hat

This simple 3D printing and servo motor project is a get-well sentiment for Simone Giertz, an awesome maker who’s having brain tumor removal surgery. The scissor device is drive by a micro servo motor and Trinket microcontroller running a little Arduino code, and is powered by a 3xAAA battery pack. …By: bekathwia Continue Reading »(…)


Resin USB drive

I had a couple of old USB drives lying around and decided to free them from their cases and give them a new life. Seeing the circuit boards made me think it was a shame to cover them up, so I decided to cast the USB drives in resin. This protects the circuit board without(…)